Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

EII is committed to satisfying the expectations of the various people it works and integrates with.

  • Customers

    We aim to earn the loyalty and satisfaction of our customers by providing superior service and quality products. We constantly seek every opportunity to satisfy their changing and diverse needs.
  • Employees

    Our people are our most valuable asset. We encourage customer focus, total involvement, and continuous improvement supported by an effective Management and supply system.

    We promote trust, initiative, creativity and mutual respect among employees, and provide opportunities for personal development through continuous training.

  • Suppliers

    Suppliers are a vital part of our businesses. We develop and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to achieving ever-increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in quality, delivery and cost.
  • Owners, Partners

    We strive to perform all our economic functions in the most efficient and productive manner employing optimal use of current technology. We constantly improve our operating systems to minimize problems, examine processes for improvement, implement best practice and set strategic objectives. We protect the company’s’ owners investments and give them confidence in our corporate governance through transparency and accountability.
  • Community

    We strive to ‘add value’ to the communities we serve through our economic, intellectual and social contributions. We respect and preserve the environment and practice good citizenship.